I’m angel guide Terhi from Finland. I’m happy to offer you angelic healing and guidance to support your well-being. It’s my soul mission to work closely with angels and bring people hope and joy.

I’m certified as an angel guide and crystal energy guide. I offer angelic energy healing and chakra healing with crystals online and angel card readings via e-mail.

I use Reiki as a channel for healing. I sense angel energies as colors. I transmit you the messages your angels want you to know.

My specialty is angelic sound bath where I use drums, sound bowls and crystal bowls while channeling angelic healing.

I love to have workshops where I teach people how to cleanse and protect their energy.

I’m honored to serve you with the help of archangels like Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. Mother Mary has been a great support in my life. All these angels are ready to help you, too.

Contact me via e-mail: rumpumatkat@gmail.com